FjallravenWe are convinced that the natural way is the only way to enjoy spending time outdoors, even in the future. We have been convinced of this since Fjällräven was founded.

This is why our product design uses functions and materials that will last a long time. We believe durability is better for the environment. Our developers are also constantly on the look-out for new materials that are kinder to the environment.

In addition, we extend our focus on responsibility beyond our products. Quality Time is not only our brand promise; it also reflects the responsibility we have towards humans, animals and nature. We are proud of what we are doing, but we are far from finished. We are constantly weighing advantages against disadvantages, conducting research and trying to make improvements. Every little step we take, in a number of different areas, is part of a journey toward something big – and noticeable.

We are not doing this just because it is fashionable right now. At Fjällräven, we have always worked this way.