HumörSampling, silhouette and a confident, international style – that’s the essence of HUMÖR. But on the other hand, the young, casual Danish brand can’t be labelled quite as easily. With the inspiration coming from electronic music and the pulse from ever-changing street wear in the metropolises, the scene is set for a high degree of individual interpretation.

That’s why the funky, off-beat samplings of colours, patterns and details work so well, whether hanging out with friends during daytime or going to clubs at night.

HUMÖR is a kind of fashion Lego providing the bricks that allow one to create one’s own identity, thus never becoming boring, grey or predictable.

Apart from its happy mixes of colour, HUMÖR is also a whole new silhouette in sync with the facebook generation’s need to lie back – and over the edge.

”At HUMÖR it’s OK for things to be in a state of flux – the colours, patterns, graphic prints, styling. It’s casual, edgy, different. That’s why we are working with a whole new silhouette that samples elements from work wear, sportswear and classic club wear. It may be a detail mounted in a surprising new way, or mixed in over a piece of clothing just as a beat is mixed in over a well-known piece of music. Street style from Tokyo, Berlin, London and New York plays a part, but we get our inspiration from all sorts of places: colours on advertising posters from the 80’s or graphic design on tracksuits from the early 70’s, plus a good dose of cyber culture and humour”.

Oversize tops both borrow from Granddad and reach out to the pulsating, ever-changing street fashions of the Shibuya. The colours are cheerful, clear and very often teasingly, surprisingly combined into totally new expressions. Scandinavian hippy knitwear meets Shibuya-streetstyle meets cyberfashion.