aesthetika_bannerWe are ÄSTHETIKA – a small streetwear fashion label based in Berlin / Kreuzberg. Founded in 2013 we try to produce high quality fashion by using organic fabrics in combination with simple but unique prints. Furthermore we work cooperatively with some small manufactories in Berlin as ÄSTHETIKA is purely handmade.

Germany // Berlin





1362610757Desmond_Gravel_973CLAE’s commitment to innovation and design has yielded a distinct collection of smart essentials fit for the modern man. Taking extra steps by using premium leathers and materials, and emphasizing uncommon comfort and versatility, CLAE creates footwear that evolves and endures.




FjallravenWe are convinced that the natural way is the only way to enjoy spending time outdoors, even in the future. We have been convinced of this since Fjällräven was founded.

This is why our product design uses functions and materials that will last a long time. We believe durability is better for the environment. Our developers are also constantly on the look-out for new materials that are kinder to the environment.

In addition, we extend our focus on responsibility beyond our products. Quality Time is not only our brand promise; it also reflects the responsibility we have towards humans, animals and nature. We are proud of what we are doing, but we are far from finished. We are constantly weighing advantages against disadvantages, conducting research and trying to make improvements. Every little step we take, in a number of different areas, is part of a journey toward something big – and noticeable.

We are not doing this just because it is fashionable right now. At Fjällräven, we have always worked this way.




HerschelIn the early 1900’s, Peter Alexander Cormack, a barrel maker by trade, and his wife Annie made the journey from Wick, Scotland, crossing the Atlantic to Canada at a time when the government was enticing families to immigrate through the homestead program. After seemingly endless days of travel, the couple settled in the small town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents.

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family grew up. Herschel Supply Co. is based in Vancouver, Canada and manufactures the finest quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. Our goal is to create timeless product with a fine regard for detail.

Canada // Vancouver



HumörSampling, silhouette and a confident, international style – that’s the essence of HUMÖR. But on the other hand, the young, casual Danish brand can’t be labelled quite as easily. With the inspiration coming from electronic music and the pulse from ever-changing street wear in the metropolises, the scene is set for a high degree of individual interpretation.

That’s why the funky, off-beat samplings of colours, patterns and details work so well, whether hanging out with friends during daytime or going to clubs at night.

HUMÖR is a kind of fashion Lego providing the bricks that allow one to create one’s own identity, thus never becoming boring, grey or predictable.

Apart from its happy mixes of colour, HUMÖR is also a whole new silhouette in sync with the facebook generation’s need to lie back – and over the edge.

”At HUMÖR it’s OK for things to be in a state of flux – the colours, patterns, graphic prints, styling. It’s casual, edgy, different. That’s why we are working with a whole new silhouette that samples elements from work wear, sportswear and classic club wear. It may be a detail mounted in a surprising new way, or mixed in over a piece of clothing just as a beat is mixed in over a well-known piece of music. Street style from Tokyo, Berlin, London and New York plays a part, but we get our inspiration from all sorts of places: colours on advertising posters from the 80’s or graphic design on tracksuits from the early 70’s, plus a good dose of cyber culture and humour”.

Oversize tops both borrow from Granddad and reach out to the pulsating, ever-changing street fashions of the Shibuya. The colours are cheerful, clear and very often teasingly, surprisingly combined into totally new expressions. Scandinavian hippy knitwear meets Shibuya-streetstyle meets cyberfashion.




Keds_Webbanner_800x500_Men_01Die Marke Keds wurde im Jahr 1916 von der US Rubber Company gegründet. Das Unternehmen brachte damals die ersten Sportschuhmodelle mit einer völlig neuartigen Gummisohle auf den Markt. Keds gilt bis heute als Erfinder des „Sneakers“, da die Schuhe ihren Träger förmlich „schleichen“ (= to sneak) lassen.

Mit der Einführung des Modell Champion setzte Keds einen Meilenstein der Schuhgeschichte. Das einfache und gleichzeitig elegante Design entfachte eine Stilrevolution und berührte die Herzen junger Frauen auf der ganzen Welt, von der Stilikone bis hin zum Mädchen von Nebenan. Namhafte Persönlichkeiten wie Jackie Kennedy und Audrey Hepburn waren bekennende Fans der Marke.

Die amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin Taylor Swift tritt heute als Gesicht der neuen Keds Kampagne in die Fußstapfen der prominenten Anhänger. Sie verkörpert perfekt den Spirit, den Style und das Lebensgefühl der Marke. Taylor will junge Frauen dazu ermutigen, ihr Leben mit Stärke zu leben. Die interaktive Plattform www.bravehearts.com bietet ihnen die Möglichkeit, ihre persönlichen Geschichten über Mut zu teilen und die Sängerin hautnah zu erleben. Mit limitierten Sneakerserien liefern Taylor Swift und Keds das perfekte Schuhwerk für Brave Girls.

Keds ist eine globale Fashion- & Lifestyle-Marke, die mit ihrer Leidenschaft für Imagination eine neue Generation junger Frauen dazu inspiriert, sich selbst treu zu bleiben. Die Marke führt ihre nahezu 100jährige Tradition fort und setzt auf „Wohlfühl-Styles“, die Spaß machen.



Meltin Pot

MeltinpotWe make clothing for real people
Who share this passion.
Not for those who are just dreaming,
But for those who are living their dreams.

We take life as it hits us.
Facing every situation with an open mind.
Welcoming strangers with a smile.
Embracing the ups and dealing with the downs.
We see life as an amazing journey to nowhere.
Because the journey itself is what makes life interesting
And it’s everything that makes us.




frontminimum was established in 1997 by peder tang as a small retail shop in the centre of aarhus, denmark. the great interest in apparel and the urge to create led to the minimum label. tang teamed up with a couple of guys, and launched the first minimum collection in 1999 as a pure male collection. later followed by a female collection in 2007. these entrepreneurs has gradually increased to be more, as they continue to create the settings and the strong ties of the company.

today minimum has evolved to a well-established and acknowledged brand stocked in stores throughout europe, asia, australia and canada, and presented in 25 showrooms worldwide. the team behind minimum consist of 30 dedicated individuals who strives to design, produce and market 10 annual collections distributed to more than 800 retailers.





TIMI was founded by fashion enthusiasts who are fascinated with bursts of colors, innovative graphics and progressive fashion.

TIMI was created for those who love expressing themselves by constructing their own original style and defining their own trends.

TIMI stands out thanks to its mix of extremely youthful, happy and fun accessories, packed with unexpected details that make for a cool and captivating collection.

The goal is to initiate creativity by providing key items from a wide range of fashion accessories such as jewelry, watches, bags and other small accessories and to let the individual’s imagination fly.

There are no limits to creativity. The rule is: individuality and a fresh approach to style.

Our collections are for everyone to enjoy. Have fun!


TIMI wurde von Fashion-Liebhabern gegründet, die fasziniert sind vom Farbspektrum des Regenbogens, von innovativen Designs und kreativen Trends.

TIMI wurde gemacht für alle, die gern ihren persönlichen Stil entwickeln und ihren eigenen Trend zeigen und leben.

TIMI sticht heraus durch den Mix jugendlicher und fröhlicher Accessoires mit überraschenden Details, die eine frische und hinreißende Kollektion ergeben.

Unser Ziel ist es, die Kreativität anzuregen durch die Schaffung von Key Items aus einem breiten Spektrum von Fashion- Accessoires wie Schmuck, Uhren, Taschen und anderer kleiner Lieblingsstücke, um damit die Phantasie fliegen zu lassen.

Kreativität kennt keine Grenzen, TIMI steht für Individualität, Frische und Mut zum eigenen Mode- und Lifestyle.

Unsere Kollektionen begeistern jeden. Viel Spaß!




NünphThis is nümph: clothes with soul and personality. What we do today, is indeed our dream come true: we are free to design our ideal type of clothes – there are no limitations.

Our dream was to create a brand from scratch, which is different and stronger simply because nümph sums up our experiences and creativity: cutting edge, twisted, feminine and rough, vulnerable and strong.

Like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who fearlessly and very confident of their own strength run through the forest – these are the thoughts behind nümph. Trusting our own creativity and professional skills, we dare to live out our dreams. Experimenting with shapes, details and print is the sum of our individual experiences.

Like the nymphs who play in the clear water of the brook and see themselves reflected in the smooth surface – this is how nümph clothes are created. We create clothes – this is our passion. Because what we find dashing and useful will become dashing and useful to others, when we put our hearts into it. We create the clothes for our own reflection of the tough, beautiful and independent girl who, like us, loves to draw attention to herself by means of her own personal style.

Like all nymphs who are strong as giants and gentle as angels because their hearts are in everything they do. This is nümph: driven by will and the desire to create those favourite and indispensable items that simply last time and again – this is our passion.



People Tree

People TreePeople Tree Limited, recognised by consumers and the fashion industry media as a pioneer in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion, has been selling Fair Trade fashion in the UK since 2001. The business was founded by Safia and James Minney to provide customers with desirable fashion, whilst working to improve the lives and environment of the artisans and farmers in developing countries who work to make the products. It builds on the success of Fair Trade Company KK in Japan, also trading as People Tree, founded by them in 1991.

United Kingdom // London



VansIn 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened for business in Anaheim, CA. A simple canvas shoe, locally made and sold on the spot to its customers, would mark the beginning of a new chapter for footwear and youth culture around the globe. The spirit that the Van Doren brothers and their partners wanted to build the company around was easily summed up: Tell A Friend About Vans. If you love your Vans, bring a friend. Customization and individuality took the front seat from the very beginning and never left.

Deeply rooted in the California beach town way of life, the appeal of its aesthetic and message began to draw attention across state and national borders. Before long, skateboarders noticed the sticky gum rubber sole and sturdy construction that helped them stick their tricks and invent new ones. Close to half a century later, what began with the Authentic has evolved into a full line of heritage silhouettes representing the heart and identity of Vans.

This edition of the CLASSIC & FAMILY magazine pays tribute to a history of love and dedication that has crossed continents and touched creative minds of all trades and cultural backgrounds. As a company, it has not only facilitated success, but a success that is made worthwhile by the people who carry it. With the Vans tradition as our backbone, innovative creativity has only grown more diverse. The 2012 Vans Classics and California Collection show a commitment to design and material exploration that is equally inspired by the Vans legacy and contemporary impulses. Today and always, we celebrate the shoes we make and the people who wear them.




8311021265_34b85222e1_bBridging the gap between youth culture and a grown-up way of dressing, serves as the mission statement of German brand Wemoto. Classic silhouettes, fabrics and details are twisted with an edgy vibe to suit almost every walk of modern life. Backed with bruises and scars from skateboarding and driven by passion for music and design the brand remains true to its independent spirit and approach of business for over 10 years now.



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